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API 1.0 sunsetting begins

Piotr Zurek · about a year ago

All of the 1.0 endpoints have been deprecated for quite some time and today we're officially beginning the process of sunsetting them. We're starting with a few endpoints which are seeing a negligible amount of traffic to minimize the risk of causing problems for API consumers.

What will happen tod...

    Upcoming webhook changes

    Piotr Zurek · about a year ago

    As a part of a larger effort around our new inventory system, generation of payloads for a few types of webhooks had to be delegated to a different system and therefore completely rewritten. In this process, we have discovered a few attributes which were either redundant, misleading or plain incorre...

      Search endpoint and beta release of the Java SDK

      Piotr Zurek · about a year ago

      Search endpoint

      We have heard from a lot of API users that listing all resources in the default order wasn't enough in some cases. Integrators asked for the ability to list and filter resources in ways that better suit their specific use cases.

      We are happy to announce that in response to this f...

        Security update - March 2017

        Piotr Zurek · 2 years ago


        As a part of an ongoing effort to make Vend and its API as secure as possible, we have decided to introduce a couple of security-related changes. Both of these changes are introduced to reduce the risk of leaking sensitive information that could lead to compromising the safety of retailer...