2020-03 New Retailers API

Retailer API

2020-03 New Pricebooks API

Price Books API

2020-03 0.9 Products API Changes

0.9 Product API Changes

2020-02 Search Endpoint Page Size Change

Page Size for Search API

2020-02 Purchase Order State Changes

Purchase Order State Changes

2020-02 New Fulfilment Statuses

Sales Fulfilment Statuses

2020-02 New Auditlog and Security Events API

Auditlog and Security Event APIs

2019-10 Upcoming Webhook Changes

As a part of a larger effort around our new inventory system, generation of payloads for a few types of webhooks had to be delegated to a different system and therefore completely rewritten. In this process, we have discovered a few attributes which were either redundant, misleading or plain incorrect. Below is the list of webhook types and attributes that are changing.

2019-10 TLS-1.0 Deprecation

TLS 1.0 Deprecation Notice - September 2019

2019-10 New Store Credit API

Store Credit API